9 Days – 777600 Seconds

He rises and places a kiss on her forehead. She waits until he’s out the door before her resolve crumbles. The tears fall rapidly and she’s unable to catch her breath. She thought returning home would diminish her pain somewhat, but the turn of events from the morning has made her a puddle of mess. She didn’t know whether to be alarmed or comforted in the fact that her husband knew all along about her past. Not once did he ever mention it – always giving her the space to come into her own. Her space to find her everyday norm and purpose. She loved him fiercely for that. He never, not once, judged her. After several minutes she wipes her face and rises, making her way out the door. Hitting the porch, she takes off like a jaguar running madly through the trees blindly – on instinct. The pounding of her heart sounded like the old spirituals her Mama would play. She felt the land calling her as she pushed herself further towards her ancestor’s burial temple. Reaching the outskirt of the sacred ground, she stops and removes her shoes. The slight sway of the magnolias and weeping willows welcome her in. Winding through the headstones she makes her way to her parents and Mama’s resting place. Dropping to the ground the sobs turns to wails. For more than an hour the winds cry along with her. “Mama I feel so lost – so broken”, she cries. “I don’t know, I can’t seem to put the pieces back together. How”, she sobs, “tell me how I’m going to do this. My memories bring me no comfort. They’re gone. Help me – show me”. The wind picked up its pace sending a slow rumble through sanctuary, almost like a whisper – years of strength, unity among the generations. The force hit her soul like a hammer. Instantly the tears dried. She rose to her feet, her focus steady on the plaques before her. Turning she makes her way back to the house with a different attitude in her gait. Her face, not at peace but a compromising solemn.

What am I reading

So when I’m not writing, being a baseball mom, cooking and/or working my full time job,  or beta-reading for my sister K.L. Brady, I find time to read.  Currently on my shelves are

  1. Verses for the Dead – Preston & Child
  2. The Fallen – David Baldacci
  3. The Heist – Daniel Silva
  4. An American Marriage – Tayari Jones

What are you reading this summer?

Excerpt from 9 Days 777600 Seconds

Love is so overrated.  I mean why bother?  Please don’t misunderstand me.  I know what it is to be loved.  For six years, fifty-nine days and two hundred and thirty-five seconds I was loved beyond expression.  It only took that woman –  nine days – 777600 seconds to wipe out my entire existence for being. Just as I thought the sorrow would swallow me whole as the undercurrent swept me under, instinct to survive kicked in.  That and him whispering in my ear “I need for you to live love”.  Gurgling, gasping for air I finally pull myself up.  Paddling for a few minutes, I calm my pulse and my thoughts.  Feeling his strength and unconditional love, I open my eyes and head for the dimmed lights in the distance.  Making it back to shore, I sit on the embankment; thoughts clear as day. I stare back at the abyss in which I just came from, a plan formulating in my mind.  I pull myself up and make a promise to the heavens that her pain will be ten times worse than what I feel this day, at this very moment. Oh yes, I intend to obliterate her from this earth. 


It was amazing interacting with my friends and fellow authors last night during the official release of The Chameleon. The excitement now is waiting on the reviews.

For an author, reviews are critical in the further development and growth of your craft. My goal is to have a steady group of followers and supporters who like my over the top imagination.

If you haven’t picked up your copy of The Chameleon yet, head to Amazon and get your copy today.

Launch Day

Today is the day.  After conquering my fears and leaping blindly into the unknown,  I can say today, officially, that I am an author.  A published author.  I add this accomplishment to my long list of bucket items.  The feeling is incredible.  The warmth and support from my family, friends and co-workers has been immeasurable.  To each of you, I thank you.

I hope you enjoy my first adventure.  I promise you it will only get better from here.  Stop by periodically for updates on my next two novels, “Aeverless” and “9 Days – 777600 Seconds”.

Live with passion and for a purpose.