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Tidbit from Aeverless

Jonas, a psychopath, is the vilest of the three. Had he any inkling about having not one but two brothers, he would have bent hell into thousands of pieces to ensure he was the only remaining Strangelove. His father, a warped man, kept Jonas and gave what he considered the weaklings up for adoption. Turns out that each brother was extremely intelligent and quite fit physically, but Morrows was the smartest of the group. That spoke volumes seeing that every member of The Fathers had an IQ of more than 150. His thoughts turned back to the brothers. Jacob and Morrows favored each other and Jonas, did not resemble anyone in the immediate Strangelove bloodline. The discovery had been made when each of the brothers were recruiting to serve their country. Morrows, the first was lucky to have the records scrubbed but kept tabs on the two from a distance. After delving further into their history, he discovered that Jonas resembled a distant uncle from the 20th century, who was had been diagnosed as mentally insane. It wasn’t until the Dugway mission that they realized Jacob also had knowledge of his brothers. It is Jacob now that has him concerned. Somehow the virus infected two of the three brothers. Jonas has completely transformed and to their knowledge cannot shapeshift like his brother Jacob. Jacob roams the area between Dugway and Winema like a bloodhound but has yet to strike. Brooks dreams has confirmed it, meaning it was imperative that they get to the island quickly and have then send them on their way. With the Shadows not aware of the advancements the government made, the trio should be able to use it to their full advantage changing the course of mankind’s history. That and Morrow’s promise. Under no circumstances were his daughters to ever know of their direct relationship to Jonas, Jacob and the Strangelove family.

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