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Okay, What’s Next

Before the procrastination set in, before I lost my nerve I dived into deep water and published my first book. Okay, so what’s next.
I discovered I need to market just to get a following. That means blogging a couple times a week. Beginners 101 – learn more about formatting and editing. Lo and behold, I was blessed to find two editors to help me going forward. A couple of people enlisted to be beta-readers. I’m searching websites, reading advice from other authors like me on the joys of writing, writer’s block, creating scenes and characters. I’m working on new novels, setting goals to get the next two books to publication before or by Spring 2020. I created my own publishing house so now I’m in control of my destiny.  I’m reviewing book covers to garner interest while I’m writing. I’m building soundtracks to the mood and tempos of my characters.
I’m loving every minute of it. See what happens when you decide to take that first step. Fear decreases, exhilaration takes hold. You’ve accomplished something and created something from the depths of your soul. It is now part of history to be touched, read and reread through the remaining of time. Wow! My sister friend, fellow author L. Chanel says “Catch it”.
So to Becky Kyle, Elle Chanel and K.L. Brady thank you for continuing to kick me through the door. I’m here now and I ain’t going nowhere.



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On a similar journey. Good luck!


Good luck to you as well 🙂


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