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September, are you ready?

Each year that month rolls around represents so much for me. September, my birth month. Playing Earth Wind & Fire’s September on my birthday. Singing that first line at the top of my lungs “Do you remember the 21st night of September?” Yep, my birth date. My husband playing “Happy Birthday Lisa” from the classic show, still on the air, The Simpsons.
But more than that September for me is the beginning to renewing, starting again. Back to school most kids go to engage in a new year of wonderment, connecting the dots from what they know to what is new or changing. September when the leaves start to change their color and shed; readying themselves for winter. The sun sets and rises a little bit later and a little bit earlier. Those hues of autumn: orange, burnt reds, toast, bronzed banana with a splash of wintergreen. September, football season. The last days of outdoor swimming pools and humid summer afternoons.  September. Looking forward to the brisk air, apple cider, crackling wood in the fireplace. The last day of summer and the first day of fall. As August starts to wind down, I find that this has been my month of renewal. A continuance from July where I finally owned my dream and begin the work of watching it unfold and grow and blossom.
This September finds me working on three projects: Aeverless, my first sci-fi thriller/suspense. 9 Days 777600 Seconds, my second suspense/mystery novel and my first paid gig as a ghost writer. I’ll be taking a brief mini trip to celebrate my 57th birthday. There have been some other monumental changes in the last year; all exciting. They have brought joy and a different skip in my step as I get another year closer to a new decade. So this new journey of mine as an author and publisher, get ready September. August is tasking you to keep up!

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