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My wheelhouse

Wheelhouse -a baseball phrase (who knew, I didn’t as a baseball mom) is referred as something you become or are an expert of or in.

I didn’t know where that saying, reference came from until recently, but it’s a favorite of mine when discussing why I write. That’s in or not in my wheelhouse. A few people have said to me that I inspire and I should tell my testimony. My response has always been “I don’t see that in my wheelhouse; writing nonfiction”. Testimony, to me, is a powerful statement, story of going through, perseverance and making it through some trying obstacles. Yet I’m gently being reminded, a lot here, that maybe my story can inspire action, change, enlightenment, growth.

There is nothing extraordinary in my story. Only my faith that nothing is ever hopeless or lost. Only that change is necessary for growth. That no one story is lost on me; there is an inspiration that fuels me to either be better or pay it forward to help another be better. It’s simple. I am a product of a village who believes in “it takes a village”. I believe that everyday I rise I still have time to make dreams a reality. All it requires is taking that first step.

Returning to my passion of writing has made one point crystal clear. I am a writer. Period. What drew me to writing was telling a story. Although I prefer writing fiction, God requested another that requires my skills as a reporter, and my faith in His request to carry it to fruition. And as I continue this journey with a co-author for her project, I’m reminded of another sitting on the horizon that has been planted by a few Who see something greater in me. I hear you God. I’m listening.

They say things happen in their own season. Mine is upon me. I see now that my wheelhouse is filling with more than just fiction. For me that’s a pretty powerful awakening. Are you interested? I know I am.

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