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Rocking and Writing

Work week has been hectic. Writing time amazing. Redid my music playlist for Aeverless.  So far today my word count 1,500 more on 9 Days 777600 Seconds. Turning now to work on Aeverless for 45 minutes. #amwriting

Song for the day from Aeverless “Know Your Enemy” by Rage Against The Machine

Song for the day from 9 Days 777600 Seconds “Heaven” by Emeli Sande

Azure Chauncey – 9 Days 777600 Seconds

Writing is a visual process with me. When I started this story the first scene, my introduction to Azure, unfolded while I listened to the long slow horns of Michael McDonald’s “Just Strong Enough”. As I tell her story I can hear India Arie’s “River Rise”, Faith Evan’s “Troubled World” and Alison Krauss “River in the rain”. As she returns home to Louisiana to put the pieces of her life back together. She’s distraught over the death of her husband and son. She’s searching for answers -answers she’s certain that developed over 777600 seconds, 9 days.

It’s shaping up to be a fascinating story.

9 Days 777600 Seconds – coming 2020