Recharging my spirit

Girl power , Woman strength

In music, we’ve had many women who have given us songs of empowerment: Aretha, Chaka, Whitney, Dolly, Linda Ronstadt, Carole King, Janet.  I could go on and on.  In the beginning I wasn’t a big Mary J. Blige fan, but she has grown on me over the years.  Her message is always straight forward based on her experiences and she always try to empower and lift up her sisters, regardless of their race, education or income level.  It is mind boggling the things our bodies endure to equip us to be mothers.  No matter what the circumstance we have to find strength, power and courage to rise, to maintain and get through.  The body this morning is a little run down, but my spirit is strong and unwavering.  Today, this morning “you can’t hold a good woman down”.

Make magic today.  Find a rainbow in the smallest situation.  Take time to make someone’s day by a smile, comment or small gesture.  Skip to the beat.  Laugh out loud.  Peace and blessings until next week. #amwriting

What’s different about today

Beside it not being yesterday or tomorrow, what is different about today.  We are creatures of habit. Daily routines that we complete in the same pattern, the same order, day in and day out.  I got up this morning, showered and dressed and went to work.  Nothing different there.  But each day I tap into a new inspiration to fuel me through my day.  It might be a song, something I witnessed, a story or conversation with a friend or colleague, or a thought.  Today’s partial inspiration comes from an album my brother introduced me to some years ago.  My chill – Enjoy your today and make something about it different.

First review of The Chameleon

I just got my first verbal review on The Chameleon.  The reader loved it.  “You just kept building the suspense until you couldn’t put the book down until the end”.  This put a smile on my face first thing this morning.  She assured me she would follow up on my author page on Amazon.  The money would be nice, but this to have someone interested and waiting on my next book is a PRICELESS moment. #suspense #intrigue #TheChameleon22693908-3ff8-4726-b73f-ccb0784f1426