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How Large is Your Faith

The opening of Tyler Perry Studio’s is enormous.  I am so proud and so humbled for him. Imagine all these years of writing, producing, directing and acting and Hollywood says you’re still not accepted.  Mr. Perry, you have opened the doors and gateways for so many of us to follow.  That faith you had of this little mustard seed.  The will to continue to fight and not give up.  For every other actor, producer and director like you, You have shown us it’s possible.  We are worthy. We are great.  We have vision.  I see you, I applaud you and I support you. There’s not a Madea play or Tyler Perry film I have not seen. Everything he does is to empower more than just himself.  He has empowered his people to believe, to have faith and to work hard.

Over the past year I’ve taken that faith of a mustard seed and replanted my soul and begin to look at my dreams more realistically.  The start of 2020 will see my greatest challenge to date.  There is a peace in my soul that I cannot describe, but only to say that I own my own destiny.  If I don’t put faith in it, who else will?  If I do not act upon it, who else will?  How large is my faith? It’s as high and as deep as my imagination and I aim to knock down doors and build my own.  I’m unapologetic about it.  When God calls me home, everything will be well within my soul because I followed my convictions, I’m following the path that God had already laid out before me.  He has my full attention.  I’m listening and I’m moving step by step. #amwriting


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