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Excerpt from Aeverless

Morrows moves closer to Jonas and in passing hands his brother Jacob an old stopwatch. It pings as he clasps it in his hands. Slow to react Jonas moves, knowing he needs to make a play to diffuse one of the men quickly. “Godspeed Jacob”, Morrows whispers as he pulls the gun from his pocket and shoots himself in the head. Quickly Jacob takes the watch and pulls the pin as he spins and exits from the direction he came from. “Until we meet again brother”, he laughs at Jonas as the last of the toxins feel the room, allowing him to escape. This last gas was different as Jonas can breathe, yet the gas renders him immobile, unable to move. Even he had to applaud Morrows, for he knew that the first move Jonas would make would be to feed, instead of following the man called Jacob. No need to spend energy on the inevitable moment. He slows his vitals and waits until he’s able to move. He would feed and then he would wait for reinforcements to appear. Then he would start again, back at the beginning and his first encounter with Morrows. Interesting indeed, being one of three born from the same egg. Morrows, Jacob and Jonas. Yes, he would start back at the beginning, determined not to repeat the same mistake again. With Morrows delivering the fatal blow to his brain, he cannot abstract any information. Now more than ever he was quite certain that the young woman traveling with Bayja and the man name Alex was the key.






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