What Inspires Me

Music. Music. Music. Someone once said that the music of your high school years play a tremendous influence on your ideas and opinions of your early twenties. So if I were to rewind back to 1976, I was just finishing my first year of high school. I spent my summer in Washington, D.C. and fell in love with WHUR, 96.3. The Isley Brothers, Earth, Wind and Fire, Stevie Wonder, Chaka Kahn. But I also had a love for Big Band and jazz. It played every weekend on my grandmother’s radio. I went on to develop a love for my maternal grandparents favorite genre, blues. I just love music. Like writing music transcends. It is a constant thread that reminds us of the past, our present and what the future can be.

Books. I am the first to admit mystery is my first love. From 2006 to 2018, I spent countless hours reading and writing to complete my undergraduate and post-graduate ambitions. Now I can get back to reading favorite authors and expand into autobiographies of some people I admire.

Family and friends. My backbone for everything that sparks and inspires. You are my village here on earth. You keep me grounded, thinking and moving to be better, do better. Hugs and kisses.

My faith is at the core of everything. God’s mercy, grace and everlasting love and ability to allow us to rise and start anew, begin again. I thank him daily for caring about me.

Writing. I thought I would sit over in my little corner of the universe and write mystery novels and publish at my leisure. God, with a nod from a couple of people and my cousin, showed me something else more powerful than I could ever imagine. I’m stepping forward, learning as I march. I’m ever prayerful that every collaboration sheds light, hope and inspiration.

As for my works of fiction, I continue to work on developing great stories. I am humbled and grateful for this gift and I was given. I intend not to let another moment get wasted. Enjoy your holidays. Merry Christmas. Look for major changes coming in 2020.

Much love to you, Lisa

Target Langdon

Yvette Langdon loves fighting for justice. From proving herself as a trust-worthy Lieutenant in the Air Force Security Forces in the Middle East, Detective Lieutenant Langdon earned her stripes as an undercover officer putting away heavy-duty drug dealers and white-collar syndicate bosses in Washington, D.C. When an undercover assignment goes sour due to the death of her informant, Langdon trades her detective shield and undercover life to be the first black female Chief of Detectives for Falcon County, South Carolina. She’s looking forward to the slow pace of a small town instead of the dirty political streets of Washington, D.C.
Special Agent Bellamy Delaware has his hands full. No one could convince Langdon to retire and take the deal offered by the Witness Protection Program. Instead, she decides to hide in plain sight as a police officer, no less the Chief of Detectives in a small county in South Carolina. Assigned to protect her until the trial of the century, they uncover a bigger mystery in Falcon County, as they stumble across a human trafficking ring while doing a wellness check for a prominent local politician.
Can Langdon and Delaware outwit not one but two formidable foes and stay alive?