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What to watch

Part of my research, besides actual research on topics, is watching a lot of suspense and action films, shows. If it doesn’t keep my attention within the first twenty minutes I move on to the next. Sometimes I find something to actually recommend worth watching.  Surprisingly a few are actually dramas that I found to be engaging:

On Netflix: Uncorked, Unorthodox.  For those of you  following Ozark, season three is on.  Queen Sono (filmed in South Africa);  I hope this gets another season.  The Stranger.  Unauthorized Living.  Spenser Confidential.  Raising Dion.  El Dragon.

Hulu: Little Fires Everywhere.  This show O M G

Amazon Prime: Jack Ryan; Bosch; The Widow; Goliath

Right now though I’m going to take a break and read.  There’s a lot of stuff on my Kindle and B&N bookshelves that has been sitting there for a while.  Next week I’ll talk about what I’ve read and will make some recommendations.  Bye for now.  Stay quarantined.

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