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Coming Soon “Entangled in Domesticated Love”

“Entangled in Domesticated Love” by Mia W. Jones. Coming July 6, 2020.

Everyone is supposed to win at the game of love. The prize is tremendous. Even a life of forever after is possible. All in of love the name of love the two know no defeat. Well let’s switch this episode a bit. What happens when there are no winners? Is there a reward when both parties lose? Usually the sting of defeat is meant for one but now we have two losers. Losers of love life and living. Lost in mind body and soul. Wanderers of all that existed in a blissful setting. Losers who sought refuge elsewhere other than with the one they were with. Only to be left lost and alone no future some loyalty trust and love for each other is gone. Losers who have made only made the decision that caused brokenness sadness and despair. Why cause such hurt to the one you so called loved? Why is it that love leaves us? Is love just a combination of emotions that can potentially fade away overtime? These questions are just a few that will plague the minds of winners and losers of love. Since fear keeps us aware of our surroundings, would this be an option to help the unknowing be prepared? I mean who goes into a potential relationship preparing for a breakup? This is not practical, and it does not guarantee winners in the game of love. What of throwing in the towel? Does this act favor a loser in gives a quick way out of a bad situation? Maybe even waving the white flag. could this be an early sign that there was nothing left to fathom? All courses of action to make things work have failed. You have reached a stopping point or a point of no return. Loser! those last whom are not yet found. You both have given up. There is only an end to this game.

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