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Aeverless 3.2 the Commercial

Aeverless 3.2

2 comments on “Aeverless 3.2 the Commercial

Lisa:Very futurist, but looks very intriguing.  It also looks like a book that I can promote among my daughter and her friends.I just ordered your newest book and it is coming Monday. Congratulations are in order, my old friend, for achieving not only your educational goals, but also for raising an upstanding young man, and writing outstanding books.  You are definitely multitasking life very well right now.  Just be sure to take time for yourself and do not fall into the trap I did or your retirement will be spent in less than great health. I love to read your FB posts, even if I don’t always comment on them, and I think often of our days together in DITMS.  It was a wonderful time, and you were a great asset to that organization.  I loved our talks and time together.  I hope you and the family are all well and healthy and stay that way……maryrose


Mary, thank you for the words of encouragement. They mean a great deal to me. I still consider you to be a mentor and great friend. I hope we can connect soon.


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