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How will history judge the year 2020?

Most wish that this year will just disappear. I just want to remind you though what an impact that this year has made with September upon us. The outbreak, pandemic of Covid-19. Hundreds of thousands of people unemployed, industries shaken and families changed forever as hundreds died unnecessarily.

The civil unrest upon us as America watched in horror the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmed Aubrey, Rayshard Brooks, and the shooting of Jacob Blake. As black Americans, we have been subjected to years, decades of unwarranted deaths of individuals unarmed by the hands of police. A system designed to serve and protect is flawed, broken. How long must we stand and demand change, demand protection?

America watched as the peaceful protesters were tear gassed in order for #45 to make a photo op. Individuals bent on hate, spewing hate and targeting peaceful protestors , who have the right as defined by our Constitution to free speech. Even #45 tone is harmful, hurtful and downright ugly. He is entitled to it, however he is suppose to be representing The United States of America. As a nation, that is not the majority.

All this during a year where we as Americans will go to the polls to vote for the next person to lead the United States. This year as we remember and honor the 57th anniversary on the March of Washington. How will history judge this year? It depends on us. Will we continue to be ignored, laughed at, denied, spit on or killed? Or will we rise from the ashes and begin to filter in the change we want?

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