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Where my inspiration comes from.

Many have asked where my inspiration comes from when writing suspense novels. I must admit I love watching old cop shows and thriller movies. Sometimes scenes come to me from songs. But there is another source of inspiration that I draw from when coming up with my content for daily inspiration, my t-shirts, or preparing for podcast interviews.

I am blessed beyond a lifetime to have some amazing friends and mentors in my life. Each brings to the table something that motivates me to move. At the top of the list are my mother and bonus mother. They continue to be my anchor, providing guidance to me as a daughter, a mother, a wife, and on my new journey as an entrepreneur. Both continue to teach me about the power of prayer and grounding myself in my faith. I’ve watched them both endure what to be insurmountable circumstances (illness, death of my father, and bonus father) to only come out on the other side, stronger and wiser. Times when I am beyond exhausted, doubting myself, and a puddle of tears – they are part of my why – why I continue to push forward when times are bleak and there doesn’t seem to be a rainbow in sight. Why do I continue? To show my own children that you can persevere and overcome any obstacle; that the battle and struggle are necessary for growth and achievement.

I’m extremely proud to help my bonus mom Elaine launch her blog, The Caregivers Closet. A lifelong educator (academic, business, and spiritual) she returns to ministering monthly with stories that will resonate with everyone. I look forward to the stories of inspiration and laughter. Visit her website, the-caregivers-closet.com, and check it out for yourself. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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Sandra Stockton

I love it. Helping your bonus Mom with her podcast. You are the best choice for that. ❤️ I looked at your shirts as well. Nice 👍


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