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Aeverless 3.2

In 2211, on the surface Aeverless looked to be a friendly town. With a population of less than 300 people, they didn’t want any more people congregating in the town. As a matter of public record, newcomers were shunned with good reason. Aeverless, before the war was a town of secrets, deep ugly secrets. Aeverless after the apocalypse was another whole matter, deadlier, darker and frightening.

The year is 2278. Earth as man knew it has dissolved. War, famine, viral infections and alien invasions has left its shores barren, cold and hollow. Alexander Whitehouse, a lone traveler, is headed to what he believes to be a colony of survivors, free of infection. An accident, or perhaps divine intervention, lands him in the town of Aeverless where he encounters a girl name Brooks and a hybrid life form called the Shadows.

Jonas Strangelove is on a mission. As the leader of the Shadows, world domination is at his fingertips. Believing that Alexander Whitehouse will lead him to the last infection free colony on Earth, he instead finds his nemesis, a covert group name The Fathers, are thwarting his plans at every turn and Brooks is their key to stopping him. With time running against them, Alexander and Brooks uncover the real plot towards Earth’s destruction, another more vicious life form hell bent on destroying everything in its path, and that Brooks is the key to saving mankind. The fight for survival begins.

Aeverless 3.2, out in publication December 2020. Aeverless 3.2 “The Rise of the Shadows” coming December 2021.

The fight for survival begins

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Hey I’m curious how did you come to naming the town “Aeverless”?


The town was originally called Everless. As I was researching, I found another series with that name. So I decided to add an A and figured I would change the name of the book and the town down the line. The story and my brain stuck to that name.


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