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Happy Holidays 2021

A special holiday concert featuring Je’Lan Harwell


What’s new

The Courtship of Eboni Law coming June 18, 2021 Iron Sharpens Iron, Inspired to Achieve, Think & Grow Volume II coming June 2021 Calypso’s Dilemma, Volume II coming July 2021 Check out new merchandise at jonesharwellboutique.com New customer merchandise coming… Continue Reading…


Pre-order Iron Sharpens Iron: Inspired to Achieve, Think and Grow Volume II

Can I share some amazing news with you? I am proud to announce the Launching of My New Anthology Iron Sharpens Iron “Inspired To  Achieve, Think , & Grow Volume ll. Not only am I a visionary author but I… Continue Reading…


2022 is a wrap

seascape of a turquoise water under a pink sunset sky


Test of Faith

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your back is up against the wall, you feel like you’re suffocating, drowning from the weight of the world? What do you do? How do you steel yourself, continue to stand… Continue Reading…


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Hoodies, notebooks, slides, and t-shirts. Check it out and let me know what your favorite designs are. https://jonesharwellboutique.com/listing/my-confidence-comes-from-above


Where my inspiration comes from.

Many have asked where my inspiration comes from when writing suspense novels. I must admit I love watching old cop shows and thriller movies. Sometimes scenes come to me from songs. But there is another source of inspiration that I… Continue Reading…


New client shout out

Redbaby Publishing thanks The Caregiver’s Closet, http://www.the-caregivers-closet.com, for the opportunity to help bring her passion back to life. Please show your love and check out the website and content.


Video Promo for Redbaby Publishing

One story, one journey at a time, creating history at Redbaby Publishing, Inc. Come be a part of history.


Looking for New Software Applications

Check out As a writer and publisher, I’m always looking at new tools and software applications to make my life easier. Here are my latest recommendations from MobiSystems, Inc. on PDF and an Office Suite package, https://www.mobisystems.com/en-us


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Check out new merchandise at jonesharwellboutique.com

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