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Excerpt from the upcoming suspense novel 9 Days 777600 Seconds

She smiles as Clarence makes his way back to the shed.  “Hey Boy, did you miss me much?”  Boy was her six-year-old Doberman she bought to keep Clarence company after his wife died.  They had been caretakers here for as… Continue Reading…


Tidbit from Aeverless

Jonas, a psychopath, is the vilest of the three. Had he any inkling about having not one but two brothers, he would have bent hell into thousands of pieces to ensure he was the only remaining Strangelove. His father, a… Continue Reading…

#intrigue#suspense9 Days 777600 SecondsDramaThriller

9 Days – 777600 Seconds

He rises and places a kiss on her forehead. She waits until he’s out the door before her resolve crumbles. The tears fall rapidly and she’s unable to catch her breath. She thought returning home would diminish her pain somewhat,… Continue Reading…

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