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Who are The Shadows – Excerpt from Aeverless

The Shadows Outside of Dugway Proving Grounds, New Region Utah – Year 2211   A lone rancher was settling his horses for the night when a fiery flame hurled from the sky outside of Salt Lake City.  Remnants of it… Continue Reading…

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Excerpt from the upcoming suspense novel 9 Days 777600 Seconds

She smiles as Clarence makes his way back to the shed.  “Hey Boy, did you miss me much?”  Boy was her six-year-old Doberman she bought to keep Clarence company after his wife died.  They had been caretakers here for as… Continue Reading…


First review of The Chameleon

I just got my first verbal review on The Chameleon.  The reader loved it.  “You just kept building the suspense until you couldn’t put the book down until the end”.  This put a smile on my face first thing this… Continue Reading…

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Azure Chauncey – 9 Days 777600 Seconds

Writing is a visual process with me. When I started this story the first scene, my introduction to Azure, unfolded while I listened to the long slow horns of Michael McDonald’s “Just Strong Enough”. As I tell her story I… Continue Reading…

#intrigue#suspense9 Days 777600 SecondsDramaThriller

9 Days – 777600 Seconds

He rises and places a kiss on her forehead. She waits until he’s out the door before her resolve crumbles. The tears fall rapidly and she’s unable to catch her breath. She thought returning home would diminish her pain somewhat,… Continue Reading…

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