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Aeverless 3.2 the Commercial


Who are The Shadows – Excerpt from Aeverless

The Shadows Outside of Dugway Proving Grounds, New Region Utah – Year 2211   A lone rancher was settling his horses for the night when a fiery flame hurled from the sky outside of Salt Lake City.  Remnants of it… Continue Reading…


Excerpt from Aeverless

Morrows moves closer to Jonas and in passing hands his brother Jacob an old stopwatch. It pings as he clasps it in his hands. Slow to react Jonas moves, knowing he needs to make a play to diffuse one of… Continue Reading…


Tidbit from Aeverless

Jonas, a psychopath, is the vilest of the three. Had he any inkling about having not one but two brothers, he would have bent hell into thousands of pieces to ensure he was the only remaining Strangelove. His father, a… Continue Reading…

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