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Dancing with the Devil Crack Cocaine – The Prophetess Jacqueline Cade Story

image_20f3b32d-328b-4d8f-9bc3-abf0f41c3ce9.img_0902February 21, 2020

Paperback is available now for sell. eBook can be purchased on eBooks.com or Barnes and Noble.

Dancing with the Devil Crack Cocaine: The Prophetess Jacqueline Cade Story

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February 10, 2020

Manuscript is at the printers.  Should have the printed proof to approve within a couple of days.  We are excited.  If you are interested in purchasing a copy please fill out the info below.

January 3, 2020 Update

Almost ready for final editing and then off to the printers – Stay tuned – coming February 2020.

~ Excerpt from Dancing with the Devil Crack Cocaine….

No one wants to grow up becoming a drug addict. We aren’t built that way. Sure, we may want to partake of alcohol or try recreational drugs, but we don’t say to ourselves I want to be a drug addict when I grow up. I was looking to fill an emptiness inside of me. As a young woman I didn’t have enough believe and love for myself, so I went in search for love. I found it alright. But that love I craved it didn’t love me. I spent twenty plus years craving that love – it was destructive. Make no mistake – addictions do that. It makes you feel dirty, shameful and remorseful at times, yet you find yourself going back, being pulled back into that lull of I’m the best thing for you, come on take a sip, have a smoke. It made me kneel before naked men and beg. It had me having flashbacks of the rape that had me crawling across a busy intersection to escape my attacker. It had me walking the streets for money – anything that would get me that next high. Drugs will do that you – take you places lower than the dirt on the soles of your feet. And when you’re a drug addict trying to escape your hell, especially when you’ve been there for more than a minute, a couple of days or years, who will believe you when you’ve reached that point that you’re tired. God will.

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