Jones Harwell

Not only is she the CEO of Redbaby Publishing, Inc., she writes. After working more than thirty years in telecommunications, she followed her heart and published her first novel “The Chameleon” in 2019. Her second novel, the first in the series, Aeverless 3.2 will be available in bookstores and all digital platforms December 2020.

The Chameleon

Zoe Matthews has problems, the first is living a double life. After being a victim of a vicious attack, she finds her life unraveling and her past catching up with her. Can she unravel the lies surrounding her mother’s disappearance, and stay one step ahead of an assassin determined to kill her? The Chameleon is available in paperback or eBook on

The year is 2278. War, climate control, viral infections and alien invasions have continuously rocked planet Earth. One man is bent on ruling what is left of a desolate world. A new life form is determined to wipe humans out of existence. Standing in their way is a young woman destined to save everyone. The fight for survival begins in Aeverless 3.2. The first novella in the series is available on all digital platforms and bookstores December 1, 2020.


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