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Let’s talk about Wine shall we

Jones Harwell, wine consultant

A good wine complements more than just your favorite foods. It can create an atmosphere of fun and relaxation with friends; reflection or quiet time. As an author and publisher, a great glass of wine sometimes gets the creative juices flowing while writing and/or editing.

This spring I watched a movie on Netflix entitled “Uncorked”, in which a young man black man decided to follow his dream on becoming a sommelier. I found the movie enlightening. I always gravitate to the same wines, sweet and normally will not venture to try something new, unlike other alcohol. Fast forward to a couple of weeks later, I was invited by one of my business mentor’s to join his virtual wine tasting. I was immediately hooked. I ordered a couple of bottles and made one of the best decisions to date spontaneously. I am a wine consultant for Wine Shop At Home. Why? Come join me on my journey and find out why I’m so excited.

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