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M. J. Grayson

The Courtship of Eboni Law .


Dark, sleek with creamy Godiva chocolate complexion.

She struts with the stealth of a streamlined feline creature as she casts spells upon all vulnerable enough to be caught by her gaze. Men of power and strength are reduced to mute, incoherent eunuchs in her wake. But call it the ripening of age. Call it the encroachment of Mother Time. Call it the tolling of her biological clock, Eboni Law, for the first time, is sensing the pang and magnetic pull for stable male companionship…

Husband. Father. Teacher. 7th degree black belt.

A stylish dresser with a sculpted physique and a pulchritudinous face combined with a debonair personality makes him a great catch for any woman. He is an alpha male who makes weaker men cringe and adoring women swoon. Lorenzo Royal loves his wife,
but he can feel the romance fading. Holding close to his vows, he struggles to be a good husband and father.

A fateful event causes them to cross paths.

Voluptuously bronze.

Her ravishing eyes are emerald with a face as striking as the sunrise over the ocean. Jocelyn Cortez’s devotion to her husband conflicts with her needs. She knows she must remain faithful, but will she? Her heart yearns for more and she just needs someone who understands her, whether it’s her husband or someone else.

What happens after that reveals an amazing test of spirit, character, devotion, and heart, in the journey entitled The Courtship Of Eboni Law.

M.J.Grayson is the debut author of the critically acclaimed novel The Courtship Of Eboni Law. The story explores how a couple’s eventual incompatibility led to a passionate love affair for one woman and placed another lady on a path to rediscover herself. M.J. Grayson is a martial artist, author, and Washington, D.C. native.

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