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Time to Rise

Fear is a funny little word with a huge impact.  Merriam-Webster has two definitions, a noun and verb.  The intransitive verb definition is “to be afraid or apprehensive”.  I like to think fear is also stifling, that it freezes your thoughts and actions in a vegetative state.

And for years that’s exactly where I was.  Mind you, I am and was quite productive in a lot of things.  But the one thing I am most passionate about, being an author, fear is quite real.  Ponder that for a minute.  Was it my fear that I couldn’t finish a novel? Or maybe I put too much thought into would people like it or relate to it?  Maybe my fear of failure, that I would publish and nobody would read it.

My friends tell me that I am the great optimist.  I see the glass half full.  I see horizons when the shore and the playing fields are the most bleakest.  I have faith and belief in a power much bigger and stronger than I.  So why should I fear this?

I’m taking a deep breathe and pulling up my breeches.  Diving into the unknown, but I’m a quick study.  My excited outweighs my fear.  And no matter what I’m pressing forward.

Bye fear!! It’s my time to rise.

Becoming my own Boss

“Ain’t nothing to it

Real one

Aint’ nothing to it


“Boss” lyrics by Beyoncé and Jay-Z

The novel is finally completed.  The editing is done.  Next step is to publish.  With that said, today starts RedBaby Publishing, the publishing arm for Jones Harwell.  Trust me it will take some work.  For me, the end results is that I stepped out of my comfort zone to create, build and pass on to my children.

“Real One – Boss”.  Yeah, I like the ring to it.

Excerpt from Aeverless

The vehicle came flying out of the underground tunnel flying like a bat out of hell, smack into another furious storm. Visibility was horrendous. Debris was flying about them with winds howling more than 70 miles an hour. The vehicle remained undeterred however; with wheels spiked and the front equipped with razor like teeth, both demolishing everything in its path. Bayja, Alex and Brooks sat glued to their seats, barely breathing, eyes wide open looking but they couldn’t see a thing. The sky was as black as the terrain and all they could think and pray was they would make it out alive and intact. For more than two hours, the vehicle battled the elements with its lights barely glowing in the dark. Suddenly the vehicle increased its speed and barreled face first down what appeared to be a deep gorge.


The bass was booming, pulsating the walls.  He was matching that bass strum for strum and I felt myself falling, faster and faster.  Wishing it to stop, wanting it to obliterate every other sound in the room. Damn, he’s rocking it, balling it, owning it.  Whipping me into a frenzy.  And then, the snare and high hat, Ooh.  The climax.  Oh. Oh, wait.. Oh, stop.  No, Na, no.  No.  Gone. Puff……

I removed the headphones and leaned back.  Needed a cigarette. A cigar.  A drink.  Damn, that track was unbelievable.