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Prophetess Jacqueline Cade

Born in Abilene, Texas Evangelist Jacqueline Cade is the founder of Women of War (W.O.W) Ministries, whose sole mission is to provide the gospel, food and clothing to the homeless battling with drug addiction, mental illness and domestic abuse. Her autobiography “Dancing with the Devil Crack Cocaine: The Prophetess Jacqueline Cade Story” is her debut novel.

Dancing with the Devil Crack Cocaine: The Prophetess Jacqueline Cade Story

No one wants to grow up becoming a drug addict. Sure, we may want to partake of alcohol or try recreational drugs, but we don't say to ourselves I want to be a drug addict when I grown up. Drug addiction is different for everyone who struggles with it. I am no exception. Through God's grace and mercy, I survived it.




RC Strayhand comments

“Couldn’t wait to see how it turned out…seriously had me caught up. It was almost as if I could hear your voice!It is a compelling story, great evangelistic tool. A reminder of God’s undying, unwavering love for His children. You bare your soul in this book!”
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