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Calypso’s Dilemma Vol 1


This is the first volume in the digital series Calypso’s Dilemma.


“Uncle Vaughn, I need your help.”

Eygpt Calypso Jackson is back. For seven years, she lived her life as an enigma, a recluse under an assumed identity. The delivery of a mysterious black book and twenty thousand dollars in cash returns her to Phoenix, her Uncle Vaughn and Weston Associates. Learning her uncle is also a target of this mysterious book, they work together to uncover a plot bent on destroying his company. As they get closer to unraveling the mystery, Calypso discovers the plot is more than just his business, but deep family secrets exposing one of the most prominent families in Phoenix. She is willing to let smoking guns remain dormant, until her uncle is murdered before her eyes. Not even hell will save all those responsible from Calypso’s wrath once she’s through.


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