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Target Langdon

Excerpt from Target Langdon (coming Fall 2020)

While crossing the street going back towards the tunnel, Langdon spies another snitch sitting at the coffee shop. Speaking to one of the officers she mentions it casually and the possibility that her cover has possibly been blown. “No problem, we’ll get him”, the shorter of the two signals. Calling it in, they continue to the spot where she left Lil Bit and the suspect. They confirm the scene has two dead suspects and waits for the Medical Examiner’s office, along with a slew of new officers canvassing the scene to complete their initial findings. As required, they collect Langdon’s gun and take her statement; her boss having confirmed her identity again for the second time in a couple of hours. A few hours later sitting in the captain’s office at 4th district, she replays the last few hours and her suspicions. “The fact that his lead lieutenant was sitting at the coffee shop leads me to believe Alford ordered the hit, Captain. My mistake was coming out of headquarters not covered like I went in”, she sighs shaking her head.

“We don’t know that yet Langdon. It’s been business as usual, but we took a precaution of moving your son, just in case”, Harrington states trying to assure his best operative. When he first met the pint size detective in front of him, he had serious doubts she would cut it. Rumor had it that the Deputy Police Chief knew her father, a local musician who had a pretty big career in the 70-80’s until he died in an untimely plane crash. With no mother in the scene, her grandmother raised her in Ward 2. Then he read her file; straight out of high school she joined the Air Force. Her grades would have warranted any college would have offered a full ride, but she chose the service and went to school part-time; double majoring in English and Criminal Justice. After doing two tours she came home with a newborn in tow and joined MPD. Test scores off the chain. She landed at 4th district.  Because of her unique look and skills, and a nod from the Deputy PC, they dumped her in his unit. The guys balked for all of six months until she earned their respect during an interagency raid with the FBI.  Five years later, he’s hoping a simple mistake doesn’t cost her more than she’s willing to give up. “Listen, he continues, “we have our ears to the ground. Take extra precautions leaving here. We don’t need any heroics. We like you alive and so does your son. Understood?”

Nodding her head, she exits his office and heads back to the locker room. Unlike her captain, she felt extremely uneasy. That same feeling, she had the day her father and grandmother died; a knowing that she couldn’t quite shake. The moment came when she found Lil Bit dead under the third street tunnel. It’s been gradually gnawing at her all afternoon. She discards the rest of her homeless outfit, changes into street clothes, taking great care to wrap up her multi-color locs, and heads out the underground entrance reserved for undercovers towards Georgia Avenue. Hands in her pocket, she walks a bit before turning down Harvard. “Shit”, she mumbles noticing a dark blue Mercedes sitting halfway down the block and the tall dark man leaning against it.


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