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When I was a teenager, like most teenage girls I had a journal. Mine was just an ordinary notebook or sheets of paper. The words that filled the pages, however, were sometimes poems but mostly visions of stories. I love mystery and suspense novels. I grew up watching Perry Mason, Mission Impossible, Ironside, Hawaii Five-0, and Star Trek to name a few. My father was a great fan of the character named James Bond, and I grew to love it too.

My thought was I would go to college and become a journalist. My English teachers in school told me I had a voice. I had passion when telling a story. Journalism, and writing fiction, for me is simply outlining a scene and painting a picture of the human element. Whatever truth or pain it came with, I want to tell a story of the who, what, why, how and where.

My intentions were good. I started college, but then I allowed other things to get in the way. Slowly the journals and stories didn’t appear on the page but laid dormant in the back of my mind. Many years later, becoming a mother I decided that I would return to school. I even majored in Communications, but I didn’t pick back up my pen except to write academic papers as I pursued a Master’s Degree, and slowly working on a doctoral degree in Education. Not until a few years ago. The pen changed for a keyboard. I have a folder full of outlines for stories. Even completed one and published my first novel in 2019. Still something from the equation is missing.

Then it dawned on me. Anyone who knows me personally knows I advocate for good people, great products and ideas. Why not use my platform, my voice to share their stories. Ordinary people like me who do extraordinary things each and every day.
The makeup artist. The inspirational motivators and speakers. The teachers. The writers. Amateur photographers. Each has an inspiration.

If just one captures and tugs at your heart strings, then I’ve done my job well. I painted a picture of the human element. Painting words tell a story. Stories can change a life. Stories can save a life. So, welcome to Jones Harwell, author, CEO, blogger and podcaster.  

Stay tune. I promise to keep things interesting and entertaining.  And as the saying goes today “Stay woke”.


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