Fear is a funny little word with a huge impact.  Merriam-Webster has two definitions, a noun and verb.  The intransitive verb definition is “to be afraid or apprehensive”.  I like to think fear is also stifling, that it freezes your thoughts and actions in a vegetative state.

And for years that’s exactly where I was.  Mind you, I am and was quite productive in a lot of things.  But the one thing I am most passionate about, being an author, fear is quite real.  Ponder that for a minute.  Was it my fear that I couldn’t finish a novel? Or maybe I put too much thought into would people like it or relate to it?  Maybe my fear of failure, that I would publish and nobody would read it.

My friends tell me that I am the great optimist.  I see the glass half full.  I see horizons when the shore and the playing fields are the most bleakest.  I have faith and belief in a power much bigger and stronger than I.  So why should I fear this?

I’m taking a deep breathe and pulling up my breeches.  Diving into the unknown, but I’m a quick study.  My excited outweighs my fear.  And no matter what I’m pressing forward.

Bye fear!! It’s my time to rise.

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